Hi, I'm Norma Walton, amateur blogger and very lucky mommy

Norma Walton's Bio:

For work Norma Walton manages real estate, fixing broken properties. For fun, Norma hangs out with her four young children and her husband or her parents or her friends.  She is fortunate to have a few foul-weather friends who are great company.  Norma and her family and friends love to walk, run around, participate in the 5K Foamfests, play hockey, basketball, baseball, and tennis, and eat cookies.  The objective is to enjoy every moment and generally try to relax and have fun in life.

Norma Walton's Experience:

Norma Walton's Education:

Norma Walton's Interests & Activities:

Hanging with my kids, reading, walking, being active, trying new things, and enjoying every moment that I am given.